Naiton Business Suite


CRMClient Relation Management

  • Email module

    • General mail and Personal mail
    • Link emails to customers and/or files
    • Easy access sharing
    • Convert email to task, assignment or ticket
  • IMAC; Install - Move - Add - Change

    • Each relationship / customer has their own card
    • Establish connections between relations / customers / assignments
    • Example: Ticket (at Lidl) hanging under a customer (DN)
    • Multiple email addresses per relationship
    • History per relationship; who, what, where, notifications, assignments, tickets, solutions, etc.
  • Tasks, assignments and tickets

    • Internal assignment of tasks/assignments to resources (people, vehicles and equipment), with time slotting and optimal suggestions
    • Feedback to customers / Possibility of escalation
    • Log customer issues
  • Contact moments (Dossier formation)

    • Recording conversations - VOIP - Call actions
    • Link to orders, invoices, tasks and payments
    • Campaigns with phases and question paths, Acquisition and Periodic contact
    • Conversion statistics
  • SLA's

    • Variable SLAs per customer, different urgency levels
    • Deadlines are determined based on SLA and urgency level
    • Deadlines provide certain urgency/priority
    • SLA’s partially determine pricing

HRMHuman Resource Management

  • Personnel management

    • General user information
    • Assigning roles
    • Access to certain companies
    • Skills
  • Vacancies / Applicants

    • Management of vacancies
    • Applicant management
    • Status of applicants within a job offer
    • Also for internal applications
  • Work schedules

    • Schedule based on contract
    • Schedule based on planning
    • National holidays
    • Calculation of vacation days
    • Adjustable per day
    • Easy to copy
  • Sickness absence / leave

    • Sick leave procedures
    • Leave requests with approval
    • Feedback to employees via the intranet
    • Immediately visible in the planning board for other employees
  • Time registration

    • Time clock logic with tags
    • Registration option via intranet
    • Enter the type of work yourself
    • Compare with planned and contractual hours
    • Contract management
    • Durations
    • Integration with committees
    • Integration with time registration

Success Case

To give an impression of what is possible

A funeral director orders a coffin via your website;

  • He logs in to the customer portal.
  • A kind of 3-dimensional box configurator helps him choose the right properties such as: dimensions, shape, type of wood, color, covering, fittings, etc. In the meantime, he sees a 3-dimensional image of what he is working on. ordering is.
  • Based on existing purchase orders, orders, current stock, delivery times, current prices and the like, an estimated delivery time and price is issued by the system. Payment could even be made directly (integrated shopping cart technology).
  • After ordering, the funeral director automatically receives an email with his order, or a confirmation of receipt by letter or something else (standard document management). In the meantime, he can keep track of the status of his order via the customer portal.

Following this command, the system goes to work;

  • Stocks are automatically checked, purchase orders are generated and orders placed, stock is updated and production is prepared.
  • Provisional production planning is made and the provisional production date is determined based on delivery dates of the materials, available FTE, production speed, etc.
  • Provisional loading, transport and delivery date is determined and updated on the customer portal. If necessary, send another email or standard note to the funeral director in question.
  • Once all materials have been received, production receives a final order via, for example, a tablet in the workshop (including drawings and the like), the final production date is recorded and the customer portal is updated.
  • After final production and/or completion notification, loading, transport and delivery dates are definitively determined and scheduled via route optimization. Delivery date and time are shared with the funeral director via email, letter and customer portal.
  • Based on the route determined by route optimization (which can still be adjusted manually until then), the loading order is determined and communicated to the guys in the workshop via mobile phone or tablet.
  • During transport, any delays will be immediately shared with the funeral director, if necessary. via SMS and the customer portal updated (Fleet management, file information, etc.).

In the meantime, all changes in all relevant modules are of course monitored and processed by the system. So, from ordering, through purchasing, inventory management, production, transport, up to and including invoice and financial processing such as forecasting and actual costing.

WMS ModuleWarehouse Management

  • Inventory management

    • Multiple inventory locations - Vehicles can also be an inventory location
    • Note: Based on "Iron stock" vehicle, we can create a pick list to get stock in the vehicle back up to standard → When order picking, send the items directly from Naiton via Postl / UPS / DHL to a location (immediately correct location or mechanic's home address)
    • Determine required order quantities (suggestion) based on current Tickets and "Iron stocks" (Min / Max signals)
    • Basis for purchasing / production
    • Determining the value of stock
    • Movements and the historical stock
  • Where is the article in question located? What is its status?

    • Which warehouse, which vehicle?
    • Piece or whole? → Send for repair
    • Defective? → Repair center

LicencesUpdates, Livences and Modules

  • All customers will receive new updates

    • Users can update in 1 to 2 minutes
    • Updates can also be done centrally via an admin
    • No frozen outdated versions
    • Posting updates in consultation
  • License model and SLA (Service Level Agreement)

    • All necessary modules and licenses, for all users
    • So no license per user and no license per module
    • Including the App
    • No extra costs for using the App, no strip list principle
    • Unlimited use of the software within the group of companies with which we have entered into the agreement
  • Hosting

    • Incl. power and data consumption and firewalls
    • Backup and roll-back facilities
    • Hot swappable drives

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